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Sunfire Technologies Co., Ltd.

       Sunfire Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is a national High-Tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of High-Power RF microwave equipment components. It is also a specialized and innovative enterprise in Shanghai. The main products include RF Power Amplifiers,High-Power Signal Sources, Directional Power Meter, Absorption Power Meter,High-Power Spectrograph,High-Power Signal Generation and Analyzers, RF Power supply, etc. Most of these products are industry first patented products. Widely used in communication, radar, electromagnetic compatibility testing, high-energy physics, plasma chemical vapor deposition, ion etching, vacuum coating and other fields.
       As a leading manufacturer of High-Power RF/microwave testing equipment, Sunfire Technologies Co., Ltd. provides a variety of High-Power testing equipment to simplify the testing process of High-Power RF/microwave. Nowadays,High-Power signals can be directly measured without the need for additional attenuation and calibration procedures. Our products and technologies are widely serving scientific research institutions at all levels, Fortune 500 companies, and major universities.